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Links to History Sites

This page contains a comprehensive list of educational and general history web sites. To find a link to a specific topic use the History A-Z page.


Educational Sites

Additionalneeds banner

Special/additional needs resources. 


BBC Bitesize History Revision

History revision from the BBC


English Heritage Logo

English Heritage Education Site


John D Clare History Site

Modern World History GCSE site



School site with information on a range of topics


History's Happening

Links to kid-safe History sites


KGV banner

School site with information on a range of topics


Mr Allsop History GCSE

Information, podcasts and Powerpoint presentations for OCR GCSE topics


Object Lessons

Roman, Tudor, Victorian and 1900+ artefacts


Public Records Office 

Useful information and activities


School History banner

Information, activities and downloads - Outstanding



Links to subject information for all ages. 



Links to all National Curriculum subjects.


Schools Wikipedia

Information on a wide range of historical topics


Snaith Primary School

Information on all areas of the KS2 History curriculum.



Top quality musicals for performance by schools and theatre groups



Links to all curriculum subjects at all Key stages


Woodlands Junior School

Information on all areas of the KS2 History curriculum


General History Sites

BBC logo

BBC History
Britannia Encyclopedia An online encyclopedia of British history.
Awesome Stories History, biographies, disasters and famous trials
Freepedia History encyclopedia covering a range of topics
The History Channel The TV Channel's online site
The History Cookbook History of cooking from prehistory to world wars with sample recipes
The History Faculty A collection of podcasts aimed at A Level and University students
History for Kids A range of topics by topic, timeline or subject
Historyteacher.net Links to all aspects of European history
Hyper History Online Timelines with links to maps, information etc
The Imperial War Museum Imperial War Museum online
PRO banner Virtual museum with Information and documents.
Scholiast.org Links to Historical topics
Spartacus Online history encyclopedia
Storyvault link Wide range of oral histories. Facility to upload your own oral histories as well as browse and listen to others.
UK Primary Documents Links to UK Primary Documents


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