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The Titanic

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White Star Line
Layout of the ship
Passenger/Crew Statistics
First Class Passengers
Second Class Passengers
Third Class Passengers
The Crew
Why did Titanic sink?
Why did people believe Titanic unsinkable
The Californian
Futility (Titanic predicted)
Titanic Timeline
Treachery on the Titanic - An interactive game
Titanic Source Quiz
Picture Gallery
Bibliography/Further Information


 The sinking of the Titanic on April 15th 1912, is a topic that has almost universal appeal.

t can be incorporated into the History curriculum as part of the Modern World programme of study and is often used as a topic by English teachers at Key Stages 3 and in primary schools.

 History on the Net offers information and images of the event  and, where appropriate, offers links to other sites on the Internet where detailed information can be found.


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